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Purpose of Archive Site

This site contains older versions of various data sets. We are no longer working with these but they might have some utility in replication studies.

Levant data set: July 2004 version

Download Levant WEIS data (.zip)

Levant data set: November 2003 version

Download Levant WEIS data (.zip)

Levant data set: August 2003 version

Download Levant WEIS data (.zip)

Levant data set: May 2000 version

Folder containing events (N=95,464) and a tab-delimited text file containing monthly total scores (Goldstein scale) for dyadic interactions within the following set of countries: Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestinians, Syria, USA, and USSR/Russia. Coverage is April 1979 to September 1999. KEDS coding dictionaries and an index of the phrases generating each actor and verb code are also included. The data sets are compressed using the .sit (Macintosh) and .zip (DOS/Windows) formats.
Download Levant data (.zip)

Last update: 15 May 00

Levant data set: January 1999 version

Download Levant data (.zip)

Gulf data set: February 1998 version

Download 1998 Gulf data (.zip)

Balkans data set, May 2000 version:

Folder containing events (N = 73,752) for the major actors (including ethnic groups) involved in the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia. Coverage is April 1989 through February 2002. TABARI coding dictionaries are included in the folder. The data sets are compressed using the .sit (Macintosh) and .zip (DOS/Windows) formats.
Download Balkans data (.sit)
Download Balkans data (.zip)

Last update: 18 May 00

West Africa data set, 1989-1999: June 2000 version

Folder containing events (N=16,075) for the major actors in West Africa. Coverage is January 1989 through December 1999; source is full-story coding of Reuters articles. Most of the major opposition groups in the Liberian and Sierra leone civil wars are coded; consult the KEDS coding dictionaries (included) for the codes used for various actors.

Download West Africa data (.zip)

Last update: 6 June 00

Bosnian conflict data set, 1991-1995

This is a WEIS-coded data set covering the Bosnian conflict; it contains 15,618 events for the period January 1991 to December 1995. This data set was used in the Goldstein and Pevehouse (1996) study of the Bosnian conflict. The data set is compressed using the .zip format.

Download Pevehouse and Goldstein Bosnia data (.zip)
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BCOW-coded Middle East Political Events Data 1979-1995

This is a file of an event data set coded from Reuters lead sentences using the Behavioral Correlates of War (BCOW) coding system. It covers six Middle Eastern actors (Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestinians and Syria; interactions with any other actor in the international system are included) for 1979-1995. The data set contains about 53,000 events.

Download BCOW-coded Middle East data
(data were coded by Pevehouse in his earlier incarnation as a University of Kansas undergraduate)