Central Asia data set, 1989-1999:

These files contain WEIS-coded event data for an assortment of Central Asian states, including Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbijan, Kazakstan, Kyrgistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan for the period May 1989 to July 1999. The ".all" files contain 38,703 events generated by coding complete stories; the ".lead" file contain 8,719 events generated only from lead sentences. The "3CODE" files use 3-character actor codes, which do not distinguish between actors within a state; The "6CODE" files use 6-character actor codes that distinguish internal actors, notably rebel groups. Events are coded from stories downloaded from the Reuters Business Briefing service. The KEDS dictionaries used to code the stories are included, as is an Excel spreadsheet containing a summary of the monthly net cooperation scores aggregated using the Goldstein scale. The data sets are compressed using the .sit (Macintosh) and .zip (DOS/Windows) formats.
Download Central Asia data (.zip)