Pevehouse and Goldstein International Cooperation & Regional Conflicts Events Data 1987-1999

Jon Pevehouse (University of Wisconsin) & Joshua S. Goldstein (American University)

These data sets were generated for the purpose of investigating interactions in regional conflicts. The project has traced events in several regional conflicts (each listed separately). The files are organized such that all files ending in .events contain event data as coded by KEDS. Files ending in .actors are the actor lists for each region. Files ending in .verbs are the verb patterns which code to a WEIS category. Files ending in .options and .class are KEDS preference files (described in the KEDS manual). Each is coded from Reuters lead sentences with date ranges and number of event given below.

Download master codebook for all regional event files (.doc)

Bosnia: 34,014 events (1/7/91 to 12/31/95)
Kosovo: 7,224 events (1/4/98 to 3/31/99)
Download Bosnia-Kosovo data (.zip)

China: 11,562 events (1/7/87 to 6/11/97)
Download China data (.zip)

Cuba: 6,061 events (1/2/87 to 6/6/97)
Download Cuba data (.zip)

Haiti: 4,142 events (7/24/87 to 6/10/97)
Download Haiti data (.zip)

India: 19,666 events (1/1/87 to 6/10/97)
Download India data (.zip)

Levant: 115,548 events (4/15/79 to 6/10/97)
Gulf: 48,720 events (4/15/79 to 6/10/97)
Download Levant & Gulf data (.zip)

Somalia: 6,325 (1/6/87 to 6/5/97)
Download Somalia data (.zip)