KEDS Version Changes

This page lists the changes made in KEDS since version 09B6.2

Version 0.9B6.3

Date: October 1996

  1. VALID defaults were defined inconsistently in the manual and one of the defaults was set incorrectly -- these were corrected.
  2. Modified event editing dialog so that creating a new event invokes the event editor, and corrected a bug that was excessively extending the DATE field.
  3. Corrected problem with the NOTES field being truncated; added a control-key option for the duplication of events.
  4. Added the ^/ and ^nnn^ formatting operators to NOTES.

Version 0.9B6.4

Date: October 1997

  1. Corrected a bug in the Delete/Rule routine that was causing an infinite loop.
  2. Added [ ] around compound codes in the Actor index when they are not already present.
  3. Corrected a bug that prevented actors from being forwarded across a conjunction when a VALID: TARGET is active.
  4. Added a check for null list pointers in the Modify dlogs -- clicking on an empty list crashed a IIsi (though not a 7100).

Version 0.9B7.1

Date: February 1998

  1. A discard condition causes a record to be skipped in all circumstances except for PAUSE ALWAYS. Word List menu no longer displays when parsing was bypassed.
  2. Added the FORWARD: THEY command to bypass the documented(!) feature that prevents non-compound reference forwarding on plural pronouns.
  3. >> operator added to RULES and => operator changed to a one-pass mode.
  4. Space is now correctly inserted when writing a date-restricted code.
  5. Default interval for saving actor and verb changes was increased to 16, since the program no longer seems to be crashing.
  6. If a verb is not found in the first clause of a sentence, the program now attempts to locate a source actor in that clause. This should improve coding of later clauses when an initial verb is not recognized.
  7. AUTOCODE feature was made consistent with the manual -- the program was earlier looking for the word "AUTOFILE".

Version 0.9B7.2

Date: April 1999

  1. Corrected a bug in the Display/Index facility that sometimes caused indexing to fail for the Actors list.