From the Buddha to the Dalai Lama: Awakening Hearts & Minds Through the Ages

8-Week Online Class with Philip Schrodt
Thursdays, 7-8:00pm Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-0400)
2 September-21 October

This course will provide a systematic overview of Buddhist history, approaches, and practices from the perspective of the U.S. in the early 21st century. We will first review how Buddhism spread from northeast India through most of Asia and recently to the West, and the three major approaches: Theravadan (including IMCC's Insight approach), Mahayana (best known through Zen), and Vajrayana/Tibetan. We will then look at common core concepts in the Buddha's teachings, review some of the most commonly encountered suttas, and then discussion some of the variety of meditation practices currently practiced. We conclude with a discussion of various ways Buddhism is currently evolving in the US.

Each week will have links to a two or three short readings available on the web, usually through the resources of the Lion's Roar magazine: in keeping with the common practice in on-line courses these will be made available on a weekly basis. The format will be roughly forty minutes of lecture followed by a twenty-minute Q&A period, though the Zoom link will remain open for longer Q&A.

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Week 1: Introduction and Historical Overview

Suggested reading:

Week 2: The Historical Buddha and the Theravadan Tradition

Suggested reading:

Week 3: The Mahayana Tradition and Zen (Susan Stone)

Week 4: The Tibetan/Vajrayana Tradition (Devin Zuckerman)

Week 5: Fundamentals

Week 6: Suttas

Week 7: Meditation

Week 8: Current trends in American Buddhism

Susan Stone supported the development of this course.