Software Development and Statistical Analysis

Parus Analytics is a small consulting firm specializing in software development and statistical analysis.

We host the site for the Computational Event Data Set (CEDS) project and the Worldwide Atrocities Dataset for the Political Instability Task Force.


Over the years we have worked on a variety of projects doing both data generation and data analysis. Most of these projects have involved forecasting political conflict, though on occasion we have ventured into projects such as instructional software development and forecasting the sales of ceiling fans. We are very experienced, and very effective, working as part of remote teams.

The toolsets we have used in the past include programming in FORTRAN, Algol, Pascal, Java, C/C++, perl and Python, in the Stata and R statistical systems, and in the Javascript/php and Django environments for web development. We have extensive expertise in natural language processing and have developed several systems for coding data from news reports, both fully automated and human-machine hybrid systems.

Most of our work has been in Unix environments, with extensive experience using the AWS cloud, and our current projects are primarily in Python using open-source analytical libraries. We have a strong preference for work on open-source projects but will consider doing propriety projects. We are not authorized to do classified work, though we have done extensive work for the U.S. intelligence community on the unclassified side.

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Past Collaborators

We have done contract work for the following organizations:


Booz Allen

Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories


Young and Rubicam

Houghton Mifflin

University of North Carolina

University of California, Berkeley

Swiss Peace Foundation