Book-length Manuscripts from the KEDS Project

Analyzing International Event Data (2001)

Philip A. Schrodt, Deborah J. Gerner

This is a book-length manuscript that covers event data in general and the KEDS project in particular.

Update March 2012: We've been continuing to use the first three chapters for instructional purposes, so these have been slightly updated and reformatted to include the bibliographic referencesF.

Patterns, Rules and Learning: Computational Models of International Behavior (1994, revised 2004)

Philip A. Schrodt

This book-length manuscript discusses a general approach to the computational modeling of political behavior using patterns, rules, and learning. Techniques discussed include rule-based models, machine learning methods, and event sequence analysis. The original manuscript was completed 1994; this version includes an epilogue written in 2004.

Link to Adobe .pdf file of the book (287 pp, 2.6 Mb)