Recent papers from the project and related research

Note:If you have a paper that you think might be of interest to individuals browsing this site, please send an electronic copy in pdf format We are specifically interested in papers that apply either the TABARI or PETRARCH programs or data in research, but other papers dealing with event data or automated content analysis more generally might also be relevant.

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Automated Coding Papers

This collection of papers deals mainly with the validity and applications of event data to the study of international relations. While these papers are primarily products of Penn State Event Data Project directors and personnel, G. Dale Thomas's "Practical Guide" to events data is included.

Forecasting Papers

These papers deal primarily with the methodological and practical applications of events data to various forecasting models. The methodologies employed in this scholarship include Hidden Markov Models and Cluster Analysis among others.

Mediation Papers

These papers employ event data analysis to study various theories about the international mediation process. Often, the theory in question is illustrated using an in depth study of a specific case or conflict involving pertinent mediation efforts.


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Slides from presentations since 2010

Political Behavior Papers

These papers have employed Penn State Event Data Project data to study various types of political behavior other than mediation and conflict forecasting.

Event Data-Based Research

This is a collection of publications and papers that have employed TABARI data prior to about 2006. Please note that this list is not comprehensive, and if you have any works you would like to include on our bibliography, please contact us.