Appendix 1: Sample Template FileΒΆ

# CIVET template demonstration file

title: CIVET basic form demonstration

h1:Ministry of Magic Hogwarts Incident Report

radio: House where incident occurred: [house]
Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, *Slytherin

//select:Nature of incident [natincid]
*Minor mischief, Unauthorized absence, Accident, Major infraction, Unforgivable Curses, Other

p:If "Other", provide details in the report section

//checkbox: Was incident reported to school authorities? [authreport]

checkbox: Did incident involve muggles? [muggles]

//textline: Name of student(s) [names] width=80
Enter names here

//textarea:Brief description of incident [descrp] cols = 80
Enter brief description here

//textline:Reporting official [reporter] width=40
Enter your name here

h3:Thank you for your assistance; we will contact you by owl should we require any additional information

_date_, house, natincid, authreport, muggles, names, descrp, reporter

This produces the form

CIVET data entry form generated by the sample template file