Modified WEIS Event Codes

Most of the codes that are used in the data sets produced by TABARI are the standard WEIS codes originally developed by Charles McClelland (see "World Event/Interaction Survey (WEIS) Project, 1966-1978", ICPSR Study No. 5211) However, at various points we have experimented with introducing new codes into WEIS, borrowing most of these from the PANDA project. We assigned weights to the new codes that are comparable to the weights used in the Goldstein scale, and those weights are used in the aggregated data. The full list of these codes can be found at the following two links.

HTML list of TABARI WEIS codes

Tab-delimited text list of TABARI WEIS codes

To date, almost all of the analysis in TABARI has used the two-digit WEIS "cue categories" rather than the more detailed 3-digit codes. Consequently the dictionary development for the new codes has not been very consistent and some vocabulary will use the original WEIS code rather than the modified code. For example, the generic WEIS "Promise other support" code 053 will be used rather than the more specific 055 "Promise rights" code.

We are currently (summer, 2001) in the process of developing extensions to WEIS that will provide greater detail on international mediation activities. These will be consistently implemented in specialized dictionaries that will be available at a later date, along with new data sets for mediation activity in the Levant, Balkans and West Africa.